These Ads From France Run a Gamut of Styles and Emotions

Canal+, Cisco, Manor and more

This week, Muse sibling Ads of the World surveys notable work from France, presenting campaigns that run a gamut of styles and emotions. We experience Papa's last moments, learn to live "the Duster Way," and explore rabid fandom in all its role-playing glory. It's almost July, so of course we tossed in a Christmas tale. Joyeux Noël!

Canal+, 'Papa' 

A loving family gathers around Papa's hospital bed in this darkly humorous short from BETC Paris for Canal+. It seems that Papa's time is up. But maybe not. Be sure and watch until the end.

Cisco, 'Secure Freeze'

With refreshing choreography, BETC Paris shows Cisco cybersecurity solutions empowering IT managers to tackle threats in an instant. It's as if the dangers were frozen in time, contained in the blink of an eye.

Manor, 'Cosmic Christmas'

This witty campaign for Manor (also from BETC) depicts a young couple's escalating competition for the best yuletide gift. Hey you two, knock it off already!

Dacia, 'Live the Duster Way'

Dacia and Publicis Conseil created a moving, offbeat film in which an adventurous but clumsy father takes his daughter on a shopping spree. And he does it ... "the Duster way!"

Canal+, 'The Secret of Wakany'

Canal+ and BETC score again, this time with a mirthfully meta tale about a couple's feverish love for a fantastical TV series (that doesn't actually exist).

Consentis/HandsAway, 'Decoding Women'

Consentis and HandsAway strive to raise awareness across all generations about the importance of consent. Never fear, because this tongue-in-cheek campaign by TBWA\Paris solves the mystery of women.

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