Reunions, Soup and Beer Play Into These Delightful Ads From Nigeria

Featuring Spotify, Airtel, Golden Penny Foods and more

This week, Muse sibling Ads of the World shines the spotlight on Nigeria. You'll enjoy campaigns brimming with music, humor and sensitivity. Highlights include a touching reunion, a worthy hero and an evasive bowl of soup.

Spotify, 'Your Music, Your World'

This catchy campaign showcases the power of personalization. When everyone in your universe is just as unique as you, the impact is undeniable. (Spoiler alert: they are you,)

Maltina, 'Happier Together'

Through the eyes of three childhood friends from different ethnic groups in Nigeria, Noah's Ark Creative tells a heartwarming story that revolves around friendship, social restrictions and a reunion. It all comes down to a secret room...

Airtel, 'Esther'

In a spot from Noah's Ark Creative, we meet Esther, who appears to be a typical teenager constantly on her phone. Soon, we discover the special reason for her actions and how data helps individuals and families accomplish truly important tasks.

Hero Lager, 'Uru Dia (Worthy)'

This epic showdown reinforces the need for every man to believe in himself and never give up on his dreams. It whispers age-old truths: Don't judge a book by its cover and appreciate the richness of others' abilities.

Golden Penny Foods, 'My Soup's First Choice'

Rocking an excellent soundtrack, this funny campaign from Ogilvy Nigeria shows us a man who is just trying to dunk his bread in a bowl of soup. But the soup has other ideas.

Arla Dano, 'No Limit'

Nitro 121 throws down the challenge: Dreaming is free, so why not dare to dream big? The film urges viewers to unleash their inner strength, silence doubters and break through barriers—with a little help from their ultimate nourishment partner.

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