Spotlighting Bodacious, Badass Campaigns From Southeast Asia

And by 'badass,' we mean batty and big fun

This week, Muse sibling Ads of the World offers a selection of sometimes silly, sometimes over the top, but always fun and entertaining campaigns from Southeast Asia. 

Central App, 'Dear Valued Customer'

Bangkok's Wolf BKK delivers a subtly humorous campaign for Central App that may have you a bit confused at first. Never fear! It pays off brilliantly in the end. You may even want to watch it again.

First Choice, 'Metaverrrrrrr'

First Choice challenged Leo Burnett Thailand to promote its credit cards to a young, blockchain-savvy audience. So, why not shoot the commercial entirely in the Metaverse?

Pond's Men, 'The Oily Warrior'

Find out how the "air kiss" was invented in this slick campaign from Ogilvy Singapore. (And we do mean slick!)

Jack Link's, 'For The Real'

Gaming, beef jerky, epic heavy metal, bulls smashing stuff! This film from Brand New Agency in South Korea for Jack Link's has everything. Hands Up!

Old Spice, 'For the Manly Man'

We've all seen Old Spice manly men before. But none can compare to the massive manliness of the handsome hero created by Dentsu Redder in Vietnam.

BunBun Snacks, 'Bollywood Badass'

Wolf BKK throws subtlety out the window with this insane campaign for BunBun Snacks. We meet a true "Bollywood Badass" out to get the gal, save the world and take down villains. Does he succeed? Spoiler: It's a piece of cake.

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