Spooky Halloween Scaries From Around the Globe

With Forty Winks, Essence, Clash of Clans and more

This week, Muse sibling Ads of the World shines the spotlight on spooky season. Discover how to create severed-finger treats (yum!), delve into the chilling possibilities of possession, and wake to a horde of "The Unslept."

Dietz & Watson, 'Frank & Stein's'

Deli foods company Dietz & Watson partnered with Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners to introduce "Frank & Stein's." Comedian Sam Alkhatib and influencer Jake Gould star in Cheers-inspired episodes.

Clash of Clans, 'Clash-O-Ween'

To promote the game's update featuring a possessed character, DAVID New York cleverly references the latest Exorcist blockbuster in a comically eerie trailer and posters that blend horror movie elements.

Umault, 'Possessed'

We always look forward to Umault's Halloween campaigns. This year, something's up with little Damien. His crayons reveal more than just child's play. What do these cryptic images represent? And why does everything seem so ... strategically optimized?

Forty Winks, 'The Unslept'

Is that an army of flesh-eating zombies lumbering out of the fog? Nope, it's "The Unslept," a group of fatigued individuals embodying common sleep problems. From Forty Winks, in collaboration with the Akcelo agency.

Jack in the Box, 'Angry Monster Tacos'

From TBWA\Chiat\Day, this campaign is exactly like a horror movie, only it's far shorter and focuses on tacos. Spicy Angry Monster Tacos, to be precise, available for a limited time.

Essence, 'Zombie'

In deadpan style, this spooky gem from Far East Fame Line DDB for Essence fabric softener oozes Halloween spirit. A young girl struggles through 30 days with a ravenous, brain-craving yet strangely fresh-smelling zombie locked in her closet.

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