Singapore's Creativity Shines in These Recent Commercial Gems

Cadbury, Rimmel London, Liverpool FC and more

This week, Muse sibling Ads of the World shines the spotlight on Singapore. Across a variety of captivating, contemplative styles, we discover whether Aunty Kim is genuinely a superhero, gape at "The London Look" and perceive "scary strangers" in a fresh light.

NLB, 'The Unmasked Superhero'

The National Library Board of Singapore, in collaboration with Ogilvy, immerses viewers in the fantastical, fascinating world of books. Was Aunty Kim bitten by a radioactive crab? Did aliens abduct the tennis coach? Read on! (Or at the very least, watch the ad below.)

Electriclime° + SCB + Liverpool FC, 'Play On'

In a category awash with inspirational messages, this appeal manages to find a fresh and truly relatable insight, promoting the skills we learn from soccer that carry us through life. From electriclime° along with Octagon, SCB and Liverpool Football Club.

Rimmel London, 'I Live the London Look'

XS Multimedia helped launch Rimmel London in Singapore, showcasing the brand's signature "London Look." The work highlights four sought-after social media influencers renowned for their fashion-forward approach and trendsetting prowess.

Cadbury, 'Strangers On a Bus'

Ogilvy and Cadbury present an uplifting tale centered around the timeless lesson of not judging a book by its cover. True strength and beauty dwells within.

Singtel - 'WiFi Fight'

Singtel and Hogarth Worldwide illustrate the challenges of limited bandwidth at home, likening the situation to an intricate dance performed by everyone in the household, all striving to maintain balance and vying for a smooth connection.

Tiger Beer, 'Boldness Finds a Way'

Publicis presents an exhilarating campaign starring Tiger brand ambassador Son Heung-Min. The work commemorates Son's achievement as the first Asian player to win the Premier League's prestigious Golden Boot award after scoring 23 goals in a single season, enhancing his position as one of the greatest footballers of the modern era.

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