A Rube Goldberg Device Made of Snacks and Other Balkan Delights

Central Europe sets an impressive creative table

This week, Muse sibling Ads of the World highlights the vibrant advertising scene in the Balkans and Central Europe. Across a range of dynamic ads, we visit a most unusual corner shop in Slovakia, a frenetic music festival in Romania and a tabletop amusement park made of snacks.

Jameson, 'The Corner Shop'

MUW Saatchi & Saatchi presents a clever campaign from Slovakia for Jameson, showcasing a bored cashier stationed in a corner shop who suddenly possesses extraordinary mixology prowess.

Gallio, 'Gallio Park'

Hungarian agency Menzkie drew inspiration from the Coney Island amusement pier in New York to craft a lively tale for Gallio. Employing whimsical sets, practical lighting and a touch of VFX wizardry, they constructed a captivating Rube Goldberg-style contraption ... mostly made of food.

'Lose Yourself to Find Yourself,' Electric Castle Music Festival

What better location to host a music festival in Romania than the magical forest of Transylvania, in the shadow of medieval Bánffy Castle! Drawing inspiration from the festival's passionate attendees, Electric Castle beckons us to embrace the awesome power of tunes played live at maximum volume.

Top Eleven, 'Careers Day'

In Nordeus' compelling campaign for Top Eleven, we discover what happens when a legendary Spanish football manager pays a visit to a Serbian classroom.

Bacio di Bolle, 'Exceptional Qualities'

Moldavian agency Vlas Igor crafted a titillating tale inviting audiences to indulge in the sensual world of Bacio di Bolle's exquisite wines.

Bergenbier, 'Heroic'

For Romanian brewery Bergenbier, the creative minds at Cohn & Jansen assemble a roster of superheroes unlike any seen before. They look pretty ordinary. But trust us, they're heroic nonetheless.

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