Past, Present and Future Collide in Breakthrough Ads From India

The Man Company, Škoda, Farmherbs and more

This week, Muse sibling Ads of the World shines a spotlight on India. From a young woman's battle against stage fright to a stirring workforce tribute and an "Ode to Mumbai," we see a stunning mix of styles that merges tradition with innovation.

Škoda, 'Let's Explore'

Indian customers harbor a deep passion for their cars. WTSA's latest campaign for Škoda captures that essence and resonates with the aspirations of a new generation. 

Farmherbs, 'Start From Where You Belong'

This cinematic marvel, produced by Passio Communications for Farmherbs Botanicals, traces the journey of a remarkable woman, showcasing the profound resilience drawn from her roots. It beckons us to reconnect with Mother Nature herself.

Bhima and Brother, 'A Girl Is Not Just a Girl'

This exquisitely crafted campaign by Turrino and Bhima eloquently reveals that girls are, above all, individuals. They should never have to forsake their authentic selves, because their journeys of self-discovery know no bounds.

The Man Company, 'Scent of A Gentleman'

This poignant tale crafted by Hashtag Orange for The Man Company shines a Valentine's Day spotlight on the often overlooked gestures of compassion and benevolence exhibited by the men in our midst.

Suroj Buildcon, 'Ek Salam Mehnat Ke Naam'

This heartfelt film focuses on the often disregarded Indian workforce, whose tireless contributions form the bedrock of society. These unsung heroes dedicate themselves relentlessly, shaping India's future. In a groundbreaking collaboration, Velocita and Suroj kindle a movement, thrusting "Dignity of Labor" to the forefront of public discourse.

Acko, 'Ode to Mumbai'

Hungry Films captures the dynamic evolution of social norms and gender roles within the city, as exemplified by women confidently adorning sarees while maneuvering motorcycles during the Hindu New Year. This metropolis, renowned for its unwavering passion for cricket, has gifted the world with the iconic Sachin Tendulkar. Yet, Mumbai now embarks on a captivating exploration of diverse sports, igniting excitement among its burgeoning youth.

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