Mulling Marvelous, Meditative and Sometimes Magical Campaigns From Mongolia

From modern takes to celebrations of cultural heritage

This week, Muse sibling Ads of the World shines a spotlight on Mongolia. From the dreamlike underwater queue at MBank to a magical reindeer calf, these campaigns fuse Mongolia's modern accomplishments and rich cultural heritage. (Financial services, so often a snoozer category in the West, really piqued our interest. Watch and learn, U.S. banks!)

Khan Bank, 'The Road Home'

Many roads promise adventure and excitement, but the road home is the most precious. This heartwarming Lunar New Year campaign from Torus for Khan Bank shows us why.

Samsung, 'Experience the Wonder'

From the glitz of modern city life to traditional Mongolian sports, Spot Agency's vibrant visions for Samsung consistently (and delightfully) zig and zag.

MBank, 'Time Has Come'

Trimon's surreal swim for MBank shows a new generation of Mongolians that it's time to experience banking in a fresh way. Take the plunge! But have a towel handy.

Unitel, 'Shine On'

This touching scenario from Unitel features a Tsaatan child in a remote nomadic village of northern Mongolia who befriends a magical reindeer calf.

Kahn Bank, 'K Card'

Kahn Bank and Trimon return in fun, funky fashion, illustrating how the student K Card is the key to everything you love. And then some.

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