Mexico's Best: Hang on for Bumpy Rides, a Show of Hands and Shattered Stereotypes

Patrón, Corona, Ruffles and more

This week, Muse sibling Ads of the World shines the spotlight on Mexico. Explore exceptional campaigns featuring master distillers, the yellow filter, an epic bumper car showdown and a rainstorm of bullets.

Patrón Tequila, 'Our Hands'

In MullenLowe's gorgeous campaign for Patrón, a group of master artisans come together to celebrate the craft of making tequila by hand.

Museum of Memory and Tolerance, 'Skills'

This poignant appeal from The Juju Mexico follows the story of an middle-aged man seeking a job. The narrative masterfully sheds light on the unfortunate tendency to undervalue experience and wisdom, favoring youth and tech proficiency in the hiring process.

Ruffles, 'Bumping Checo'

Slap Global launched this wild ride for Ruffles potato chips, showcasing 10 expert drivers in a chaotic competition against F1 pilot Checo Perez. It became one of the biggest challenges of his life.

Corona, 'Unfilter Mexico'

GUT Mexico and Corona urge the film industry to abandon the negative portrayal of Mexico through the long-standing use of a yellow filter. By rejecting stereotypes and reserving the color solely for its beer, Corona seeks to dispel misconceptions perpetuated in movies and online media.

OGGI Jeans, 'México Campeón'

OGGI and agency Ampersand aim to break free from modeling stereotypes. To resonate with Mexican consumers, they introduced #MéxicoCampeón, an inclusive clothing line that celebrates the authentic mindset and behavior of everyday people

Save the Children, 'Rain'

Here's a shocking story that shows children literally weathering violence on a daily basis. It strikes like a storm of bullets, from which they must take shelter to protect their lives.

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