Just in Time for N.Y. Comic Con: Adventures With Heroes and Villains

Featuring On, Pedigree, Winamax and more

To celebrate New York Comic Con, Muse sibling Ads of the World brings you a selection of Slam! Bang! Pow! creative. Savor the branded thrills and chills as cat-people chase a giant ball of yarn, hygiene-warriors clean up the world and a hero-ish chihuahua dives into the action.  

On, 'Tri-Kings'

In an exhilarating twist, star triathletes Gustav Iden and Kristian Blummenfelt adopt Viking personas for a mega-epic adventure on behalf of sportswear brand On.

Winamax, 'The Ball of Yarn'

TBWA\Paris presents a simple yet spectacular take on gambling. In a city that seems to be populated only by human/cat hybrids, a bright red ball of yarn appears and a frantic race ensues. 

Gamers8, 'The Land Of Heroes'

Gamers8, hosted in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, last summer, presented a unique concept. It flipped the roles of characters to demonstrate that gaming expertise in one area can translate to others.

Dettol, 'Be 100% Sure Multiverse'

Madman Digital's colorful scenario introduces the "Dettol Warriors," a league of superhero characters dedicated to safeguarding us from germs and viruses. This imaginative concept blends entertainment with hygiene awareness, adding a playful twist to the importance of cleanliness and health.

Pedigree, 'Hero-ish'

In BBDO's push for Pedigree, we meet "The League of Hero-ish Small Dogs." The ad showcases an epic tug-of-war and a soaring spaniel, capturing the whimsical essence of these pint-sized champions.

Hero Wars, 'Take a Break From Your Routine'

In the fast-evolving mobile gaming scene, Zorka.Agency boldly transforms the communications strategy for Hero Wars by introducing a character who bridges the gap between the digital universe and real life.

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