Horses That Email and More Fun From Iceland

Featuring Stígamót, Business Iceland, SIBS

This week, Muse sibling Ads of the World shines a spotlight on Iceland. Would you like an adorable horse to answer your emails while you enjoy some time off? That's the Icelandic way! It's a chill mix of work ranging from cheeky comedy to heartfelt emotion. (Crank that Nordic take on "U Can't Touch This" up to 12!)

Icelandair, 'Easy to Stop, Hard to Leave'

Watch as helpful Icelanders check high and low for Oliver in this fun romp. With so much to see, you might never want to leave.

Islandsbanki, 'Can't Touch This'

Cover band Bjartar sveiflur (Bright Swings) takes on MC Hammer's iconic "U Can't Touch This" using phones and card machines. You can dance to it?

Stígamót, 'Sjúkt spjall—Crazy Love Chatline'

The "Crazy Love Chatline" addresses the issue of violence in relationships among young people. It provides education about the importance of setting boundaries and obtaining consent. Developed in collaboration with Pipar\TBWA.

Business Iceland, 'OutHorse Your Email'

Business Iceland, in partnership with agencies SS+K, M&C Saatchi and Peel Iceland, humorously highlights that nothing ruins a glacier hike like an email from your boss. Fortunately, Iceland's horses are available to respond to your work-related messages, allowing you to relish your vacation without interruptions.

SIBS, 'What Would You Say to Your Younger Self?'

Þröstur Leó, an Icelandic actor and fisherman, reflects on a defining time in his life. The years magically melt away until he steps into the moment itself.

SodaStream, 'Thor'

Thor Bjornsson unveils the ultimate source of his legendary strength in this playful SodaStream campaign by Allenby. (Spoiler: It's heavy bubbles!)

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