Highlighting Bright, Beery, Bearded Ads From Australia and New Zealand

Learn why folks Down Under love to say 'G'day'

This week, Muse sibling Ads of the World ventures Down Under to spotlight great work from Australia and New Zealand. We learn why Aussies say "G'day," what real relief feels like and how to handle a post-Covid break up.

Meat & Livestock Australia, 'Un-Australian'

What should you never, ever say to an Australian? Watch this clever campaign from The Monkeys for Meat & Livestock Australia to find out:

Tourism Australia, 'It's All Good Down Under'

Aussies say "G'day" because every day Down Under is a good day, mate. We learn why that's so from Tourism Australia via agency Connecting Plots:

Prunelax, 'Buried'

There's relief and then there's RELIEF, as illustrated by this cheeky effort from Five by Five for Prunelax:

Balter Beer, 'Beerthdays'

Leave it to the Aussies to work suds into the happiest song in the world. Making it even happier. Or weirder, at any rate. Deloitte Digital created this fun series for Balter Beer:

Durex, 'The Breakup'

Durex wanted to make sure that everyone was safe—in terms of sexual health—when Sydney emerged from lockdown. So, Inside Ideas Group took matters in hand and created this romp:

Southern Cross, 'Sweet Caroline'

We journey across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand for a heartwarming campaign from TBWA on behalf of Southern Cross Health Insurance:

Tooletries, 'Beard Daddies'

In this popular print series, Tooletries and Showpony Advertising illustrate that the bond between men and their facial hair just keeps growing:

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