Groundbreaking LATAM Campaigns Pushing the Creative Envelope

From outer space to the afterlife, these ads surprise and delight

From Mexico to Uruguay, Latin America is producing some truly groundbreaking work. This week, Muse sibling Ads of the World spotlights some of the region's best campaigns. Tackling issues from excessive gun ownership in Brazil to running out of cookies in space, this week's lineup is sure to inform and entertain.

Activision: Call of Duty, '141 ft. Banda MS'

This campaign for Activision from Archer Troy, Mexico, features a music video with the most popular Mexican band and the most famous video game in the world. We get a Mexican corrido song in tribute to Task Force 141, battling narcos and organized crime.

Mosca, 'Todos Somos Unicos' ('We Are Unique')

This back-to-school work for Mosca from Uruguayan agency Verne aims to combat bullying and celebrate diversity by showing us how boring it would be if we were all the same. Our strength comes from our differences—everyone has something special to contribute.

Cerveza Victoria, 'CEMPASÚCHIL' ('We are Living Offerings')

Cerveza Victoria and Ogilvy Mexico present a fresh film that celebrates the Day of the Dead. The campaign aims to address death from a completely positive perspective. The goal is reinterpreting traditions and helping them blossom as viewers remember their loved ones.

Yerba Armiño, 'From Uruguay to Space'

In Uruguay, mate is a symbol of friendship, deeply rooted in the culture and part of the nation's identity. With that in mind, Yerba Armiño launched a campaign developed with Dogstar and director Oliver Garland. A TV spot develops a story produced in zero gravity, dramatizing the bond between Uruguayans and mate.

Angie Schlegel, 'El Amor Va Con Todo' ('Love Goes With Everything')

Peruvian agency Cumbia highlights a recent collection by Argentinian designer Angie Schlegel. We see 42 'prêt à porter' looks or, in the words of the dressmaker, "utilitarian haute couture."

Instituto Sou da Paz, 'Trigger Pen'

Independent agency Tech and Soul crafted this impactful initiative. The work raises an alarm against the excessive weaponry of the Brazilian population, showing us that a simple signature can make a pen just as powerful as any gun.

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