Great Ads From Japan Feature Godzilla, King Ghidorah and a Lonely Water Heater

Work from BOSS Coffee, Riot Games, Panasonic, SKYN

This week, Muse sibling Ads of the World shines the spotlight on Japan. This entertaining works run the gamut, offering everything from the wanderings of a lonely water heater to the fiery celebration of Godzilla's 70th anniversary.

Panasonic, 'Journey of Self-Discovery'

DAIKO Advertising bring us this whimsical tale of a lonely water heater's journey to become popular. He doesn't do so well at busking. Nor is he much of an influencer. In the end, he seeks guidance from the wisest sage: a bartender.

Marubeni, 'Share The Challenge'

In this monstrously amusing commercial, a samurai joins forces with enemies, zombies and King Ghidorah to overcome the ultimate crisis.

SKYN, 'No SKYN, No Love'

UltraSuperNew Tokyo brings us the story of a young couple getting close. However, the man suddenly realizes he doesn't have any condoms. So, he embarks on a Mission: Impossible-style quest through hostile streets to reach a store. He faces mean dogs, road construction and street thugs—only to run up against the biggest obstacle of all.

BOSS Coffee, 'Go Your Way'

Dentsu steps up big to honor the legacy of Godzilla, creating a visually captivating and emotionally resonant tribute that encapsulates seven decades of awe-inspiring storytelling and cultural impact.

Riot Games, 'Kohal'

Kohal aspires to become Japan's top esports player, challenging gender stereotypes in gaming. The project from electriclime° combines dynamic documentary filmmaking and cinematic style to deliver a striking narrative.

Head & Shoulders, 'The Chase'

Ando the spy leads Agent Takashi on a worldwide chase in this epic animated spot from Forsman & Bodenfors. When finally cornered, Ando expresses his astonishment that they were able to track him.

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