Exploring Impressive, Intriguing and Irreverent Ads From South Africa

Hey, they've got Santas on motorbikes!

An extra layer of chill tops these exemplary recent campaigns from South Africa, surveyed by Muse sibling Ads of the World. Whether tackling social issues like student debt, depicting an epic quest for a burger or unmasking KFC's infamous "chicken inspector," they always deliver the cool. 

Chicken Licken, 'Ya'Hunga Forever'

The Big John Burger is legendarily large. Chicken Licken and agency Joe Public put this beefy behemoth in perspective and show how far some folks would go for a taste:

Converse, 'Create Next'

When Spitfire director Katlego Baaitse got the opportunity to work with Converse and Joe Public on their "Create Next" initiative, he made like Chuck Taylor and leapt at the opportunity. Find out why in this exciting spot:

KFC, 'Anything for the Taste'

Behold the shameless trickster who has been darkening the doorways of KFCs across South Africa. See what finally brings him down in this fun foray from Ogilvy:

Lil-Lets, 'Be You. Period.'

Lil-Lets and agency Retroviral have launched "Be You. Period." to help bust stereotypes and broaden representations around menstruation:

SA20, 'Happy'

Cricket makes South Africans so very happy. Discover why in this clip for SA20 by agency T&W:

Checkers Sixty60, 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'

What do you do with Checkers Sixty60 motorbikes and riders clad like Kris Kringle? If you're award-winning director Dan Mace, you make a rockin' cover of a Christmas classic, of course.

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