An Eggie Revolution, Perfect Paella and Other Great Ads From Spain

Featuring Palladium, Wovo, ONG Rescate and more

This week, Muse sibling Ads of the World shines a spotlight on Spain. We experience an Eggie Revolution, a chaotic mosquito attack and the epic trial of perfect paella.

Wovo, 'The Eggie Revolution'

Journey through a surreal parallel universe as Wovo and Imaxe introduce dairy-product alternatives derived from egg whites.

Wovo | The Eggie Revolution

Palladium, 'Proud Trendsetters'

Palladium Hotel Group enthusiastically dares you to open new doors in this dynamic campaign for its Bless Collection portfolio. Feel the pulse of excitement as you discover extraordinary experiences.

Trainline, 'Mosquito'

Trainline teamed up with Dude for a tale that's sure to tickle your funny bone. Meet Michael, who, in a bid to cut costs during his vacation, decides to concoct his own mosquito repellent. It doesn't go well.

Ruavieja, 'La Sobremesa Slows Us Down'

Centered around "la sobremesa," where people linger at the table, the work urges a departure from our fast-paced world, emphasizing the need to savor meaningful moments with loved ones.

Arroz Dacsa, 'The Verdict'

In Valencia, the tradition of cooking paella every Sunday lives on. However, some folks fear criticism from family and friends. ("You call this paella?") Arroz Dacsa and KIDS wanted to support all those souls who face the heat.

ONG Rescate, 'Hallowar'

A few weeks back, Rescate and La Caseta shed light on the plight of refugee children. Through the lens of Halloween's iconic codes and style, the initiative illustrates real-life nightmares.

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