Don't Jump Through Hoops ... and Other Lessons From Canada

Great ads by Tangerine, Domino's, Kruger and more

This week, Muse sibling Ads of the World shines a spotlight on Canada. We watch storm chasers combat boredom, explore a weird (and well-rounded) dystopia, and learn how to order pizza the Canadian way.

Tangerine, 'Jumping Through Hoops'

This visually dynamic, lighthearted dystopian vision from Rethink positions Tangerine bank as an enlightened financial services company focused on customer service.

Play Alberta, 'Go All In on Excitement'

Here, we meet a storm chaser, a wrestling referee and a rodeo clown whose once-thrilling professions have slid into boredom. Play Alberta offers them some stimulation.

Kruger, 'Love Can Be Messier'

Broken Heart Love Affair casts personal relationships in stark relief. Passion, acrimony, reconciliation ... at times it's all such a mess. But most folks wouldn't have it any other way.

Government of Quebec, 'The Wick'

In its first campaign dedicated to suicide awareness and prevention, Quebec and LG2 encourage viewers to assist people in crisis by talking, listening and defusing.

Domino's Pizza, 'Slang'

LG2 also crafted the humorous spot below, in which Domino's ensures that pizza orders don't get lost in translation.

St. Bonaventure's College, 'What Did You Learn Today?'

The school, serving grades K-12, focuses on compassion, curiosity and critical thinking to help foster a sense of community and artistic engagement.

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