Demon Babies, Lonely Robots and More Awesomeness From China

Spots by P&G, XiaoMi, Huweui

This week, Muse sibling Ads of the World shines a spotlight on China. It's quite a mix of styles and subject matter, as we witness the birth of a fire-breathing demon-baby, follow the heart-tugging journey of a lonely robot and indulge in a mesmerizing in-store experience.

Goat Games, 'New Legends Are Born'

Watch the fiery birth of a demon baby in this tongue-in-cheek tale by BBH for Guangzhou-based Goat Games.

XiaoMi, 'Walk On'

In the Mongolian wastelands, a robot must struggle forward one agonizing step at a time. But his  purpose spurs him on. Created by Ogilvy, Nice Shirt and Balance for XiaoMi.

P&G, 'Responsible Beauty'

This one's all mesmerizing close-ups, graceful motion and a harmonious collision of vibrant colors and dance. All in all, an amazingly artful take on turning recyclable plastics into fashion accessories. Procter & Gamble collaborated with Sweetshop Shanghai.

Smooth 5, 'Film Like a Pro'

Vantage Pictures masterminded this captivating launch for Zhiyun's Smooth 5. Embark on a cinematic journey with four young filmmakers as they recreate scenes from beloved movies, employing their phones as cameras.

CDFI, 'The Surreal Island'

SuperUnion and China Duty Free International devised an exceptional visual encounter. As viewers step into this realm, they are enveloped by a symphony of imagination and innovation. It showcases the prowess of both entities and seeks to usher in a new era of experiential art.

Huawei, 'Who Did This?'

Ann gets invited to display her artwork at an exhibition. But these creations are unexpectedly damaged. Undeterred, her resourcefulness shines through, and she ingeniously transforms the setback into an opportunity. Insight developed this memorable campaign.

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