A Bunny-Man on Skis and Other Scandinavian Treasures

From epic tales to intimate conversations

This week, Muse sibling Ads of the World takes you on an extraordinary journey to the captivating realm of Scandinavia, land of Vikings, trolls and the mystical midnight sun. Ads across a range of moods and styles present a skiing bunny-dude eluding 100 relentless pursuers, weird "Coop-spiracies," and a disturbing examination of the sexism women gamers face ever day.

Coop, 'The Coop-spiracy'

How can you make money selling stuff to yourself? In the latest campaign from agency ANTI AS for Norwegian grocery chain Coop, a conspiracy theorist tries to expose the "truth" behind the co-operative.

Paradox, 'The Lamplighters League'

Swedish animation studio Filmic Art hypes the "The Lamplighters League." The game is set in an alternate 1930s, where a tyrannical cult called the Banished Court stands on the cusp of world domination. Can heroic scholars thwart their plan?

The North Alliance, 'The Hunt'

Follow 100 local ski enthusiasts on a rabbit hunt (of sorts) through the snow-kissed slopes, streets and even lakes of the Pyrenees in this wild adventure from Norwegian agency XXL for The North Alliance.

Girls' Legion + Lenovo, 'Claim Your Voice'

Girls' Legion and Lenovo along with Danish agency Kadaver shine a light on the harassment women endure in the world of online gaming.

Läkerol, 'Makes People Talk'

Using everyday problems as springboards, Läkerol and BBDO Nordics take a stab at iconic Hollywood power speeches.

Ewii, 'Don't Go Into Energy Debt'

No one is more excited about getting out of energy debt than the Danes. We learn how they do it in this over-the-top epic for Ewii from MBA Copenhagen.

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