Ads From the Middle East Explore Self-Expression, Dreams of Youth

Samsung, Peugeot, KitKat and more

This week, Muse sibling Ads of the World shines a spotlight on the Middle East. We explore captivating campaigns, ranging from a view of the younger generation's inner world to a whimsical journey with the perfect avocado. We observe Ramadan preparations, too.

KitKat, 'Endless Kisses'

Is there such a thing as too much kissing? KitKat and Publicis Middle East answer that question with a definitive YES! Be sure to check out the rest of the series featuring botched online orders, a deafening vacuum symphony and one outrageous haircut disaster.

Meraas, 'Design Quarter at d3'

Standing proud in the heart of the Dubai Design District is the latest flagship offering from Meraas. This artful campaign from M&C Saatchi welcomes you to one-of-a-kind homes developed for those with creative spirits.

Peugeot, 'The Land of Grace'

This Ramadan primer from Science & Sunshine for Peugeot Middle East is set in a fictional village. It's a sweet story about preparing local produce and handicrafts for transport to he big city. Each member of the community contributes, even the youngest ones.

Samsung, 'Choose Whatever and Bring It Out'

Leo Burnett and director Guy Bolandi help Samsung explore the tension between the internal and external realms inhabited by the younger generation. Psychedelic animation represents the psychological experience of those who yearn to express their authentic selves.

BEEAH Group, 'The World Is Changing'

Think Human's remarkable campaign for the BEEAH Group presents contrasting perspectives on global transformation. A thought-provoking film ingeniously conveys different messages when read in reverse. This approach amplifies the urgent need to perceive and address the crisis from diverse angles. Ultimately, viewers reflect on the significance of their actions in shaping our shared future.

Granot Fresh, 'Delivering Goodness'

Embark on a point-of-view journey from the tree to the shelf with a delightful, flawless avocado.  Ahoy crafted this playful campaign for Granot Fresh. The work captures the essence of freshness and quality in a fun, engaging way.

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