Google Returns to the Super Bowl With Lovely Sequel to 'Parisian Love'

The true story of 'Loretta'

During Super Bowl XLIV in 2010, Google aired its first-ever Super Bowl commercial. Called "Parisian Love," it featured a love story crafted entirely from screen shots of Google searches. Beautifully crafted by Google Creative Lab and 1stAveMachine, it pioneered a whole genre of spots in which digital companies humanized their cold products through emotional storytelling. Google itself perfected the form in subsequent years, notably through 2011's "Dear Sophie" spot by BBH. 

Now, on the occasion of the spot's 10th anniversary, Google has unveiled a remarkably similar spot for the 2020 Super Bowl on Sunday. Titled "Loretta," it tells—also through Google product shots—the bittersweet story of a man who uses Google Assistant to keep the memory of his love alive. 

Loretta | Google Super Bowl Commercial 2020

Google CMO Lorraine Twohill writes about the spot in this blog post:

The ad reflects our goal to build products that help people in their daily lives, in both big and small ways. Sometimes that's finding a location, sometimes it's playing a favorite movie, and sometimes it's using the Google Assistant to remember meaningful details. 

"Loretta" has a few other things in common with our "Parisian Love" commercial from 10 years ago. Both are simple love stories told through the lens of our products. Both were inspired by real people—in fact, the voice you hear throughout "Loretta" is the grandfather of a Googler, whose story we drew from to create the ad. At 85, to an audience of millions, he'll be making his film debut. We couldn't be happier for him.

For comparison, here's the original "Parisian Love" ad:

Google | Parisian Love

As part of the campaign, Google is also launching "A little help before the Super Bowl," a mini campaign celebrating the questions people ask about the game every year, based on Google Trends data. 

See some of those spots below. 

To see more of this year's big-game commercials, check out our Super Bowl hub.

Tim Nudd
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