Meghan Trainor Sings Poochie's Praises for Freshpet

Mommy wuvs them so much

Adland's going to the dogs this week. They're riding the skies courtesy of Bark Air, and celebrated in song by Meghan Trainor for dog-food brand Freshpet.

Meghan performs "I'm a Dog Mom," an ode to keeping our shaggy sidekicks happy and healthy.

Freshpet | I'm a Dog Mom

Trainor. That name fits the brand message.

"My besties got the best hair
I bring 'em with me everywhere
Yeah, it's a special kinda love we share.

Cause I'm a dog mom
Dog mom
My babies get the best, settle for nothing less
... My babies get the best, and the best is Freshpet."

Sorry, cats. No song for you!

"Meghan is unapologetically obsessed with her dogs and their health and happiness," Freshpet co-founder and president Scott Morris tells Muse. "Meghan's authenticity and spirit is something we admire. She only wants the best for her four dogs."

Still, working with animals can be ruff. So please, share any hair-raising tails. Grrrr.

"We were a little nervous going into the shoot—not necessarily because we were shooting a superstar, but because we were shooting a superstar WITH her four dogs!" recalls Todd Condie, creative director at Terri & Sandy, which developed the campaign. "Even the best trained animals can be wildcards on set."

"So, we prepared for the worst by having a lookalike stunt double for each of Meghan's pooches. But Meghan's dogs were total pros and nailed every scene."

They've earned a vacation! Time to book a flight and see how well they behave during turbulence.

Trainor's longtime collaborator Lauren Dunn directed. 

Versions of the vid will run across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and OTT streaming channels.

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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