Clio Health Innovators: Gina Jacobson, Program Director, Working with Cancer, Publicis Groupe

As one of the founding forces behind Publicis Groupe's "Working With Cancer" initiative, Gina Jacobson creates and oversees the programs associated with delivering against the WWC Pledge. She’s committed to supporting employees impacted by the disease—whether directly or as caregivers—through icoaching, training and community engagement.

How you bring creativity and innovation to your work

Vulnerability fuels connection and engagement—and cancer is inherently emotionally charged and has impacted literally everyone. We invest a lot of time in building relationships where people feel safe enough to tap into their own experiences and explore opportunities to create more supportive, recovery-forward workplaces. It's been an incredible opportunity to harness the collective energy of people who care deeply about a common cause—and whose purpose propels progress despite the hurdles of staffing and time.

About a recent project you're proud of

As we've brought our own "Working with Cancer" pledge to life at Publicis, we've focused on driving broad awareness of our commitment while creating deep experiences for those most directly impacted. We recently launched our "Healing Spaces Cohorts," which combine facilitated small-group sessions with one-on-one coaching to confront fear and foster post-traumatic growth. Participants are saying it has been life-changing.

It's been energizing to see how the pledge is being activated across all kinds of companies—and to hear stories about how those commitments have made a difference for people, especially those who have recently been diagnosed.

What you're most excited about right now in the health space

It's exciting to see more companies recognizing the role they can play in the trajectory of a person's health and healing journey. So much of our time and identity is tied to our work experience, and learning as we navigate fear and trauma opens the door to post-traumatic growth, purpose and power. Support changes outcomes—and the workplace has an opportunity to shift from taking a passive approach to being an active source of support.

What it means to you to be selected as a Clio Health Innovator

I’m convinced that the support I received at work in the wake of my own cancer diagnosis is part of why I am here today—more than five years later and against the odds. After more than a decade pitching new business, I feel unbelievably fortunate to spend my time encouraging companies to make a pledge to support their own employees, and to see that positive impact scale across thousands of lives.

"Gina's personal experience as a cancer survivor informs her work. In the fall of 2018, Gina was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. She's outlived her initial prognosis by several years and intends to keep living a joyful and purposeful life, while helping others recognize and realize their full potential. You can read about what she’s learning from the best-worst thing that ever happened to her through her blog,, and via her Strive for Five Substack, a look back at her journey."—Ellie Parpis, director of communications, Publicis Media


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