Sweet Dreams! Mattress Maker Simmons Stages #Snoozzzapalooza on TikTok

With DeStorm Power, Montana Tucker and more

"It's summertime and I'm bummed. Music festivals are canceled. Concerts are canceled. Is there any way this can still happen? Of course … in my dreams!"

And with those words, pool party hijinks begin for TikTok creator DeStorm Power in this 15-second clip from mattress maker Simmons:


When festivals are cancelled there’s always ##snoozzzapalooza 😎 Where would your bed concert take you? ##sponsored


That must be a waterbed, right?

Power and four other influencers with several million combined followers anchor #Snoozzzapalooza, a virtual "summer festival" developed by Burns Group, targeting Gen Z and young millennial consumers on their favorite platform for short videos.

Here, Montana Tucker breaks some dreamy moves…


Since all other festivals are cancelled, I’m headed to ##Snoozzzapalooza ! Who’s coming ?! ##Simmonssleep ##sponsored


…while James Henry puts his best foot forward:


One festival isn't canceled this year, join ##Snoozzzapalooza from the comfort of your bed! ##sponsored


"One thing we know to be true about Gen-Zers is that they prioritize living over sleeping," Burns Group account director Hilary Bergman tells Muse. "And a lot of that living happens in their bedrooms and on their beds."

Maybe they're hunkered down beneath the covers, watching goofy branded TikTok content all night?

Anyway, it's tough to resist Kailey Maurer working the Hula hoops…


Festivals are canceled but Fun-ZZZ’s aren’t! Where would you go in ##Snoozzzapalooza ?! ##Simmonssleep ##sponsored


…or Joanne Crauswell's bubbly enthusiasm:


Maybe being stuck at home isn’t all bad 💤 ##Snoozzzapalooza##sponsored


"With back-to-school and popular moving dates coming up, we're using TikTok to introduce Simmons as the only mattress brand that's made for Gen Z's lives," Bergman says. "Their spending power is enormous, and no mattress brands are talking directly to them."

Naturally, users are encouraged to upload clips of themselves having summer fun in bed. Keep it clean, people, and use the #Snoozzzapalooza hashtag.

"We know our consumers have missed out on a lot in 2020," Bergman says, "and this challenge is a fun distraction that everyone can be a part of."

The campaign falls under Simmons broader "Just for Fun-ZZZ's" banner that also includes digital storefronts, a revamped website and social content.

Several bedding companies have awakened their creative spirit of late, with Casper, Sleep Number and Simmons' sibling Serta all taking fun tangents to boost their brands.

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