Casper Launched a Sleep Channel of Sounds to Help You Drift Off

Sweet dreams from Stink Studios

Most content creators want you to stay awake while experiencing their work. Those visiting the Casper Sleep Channel, however, are encouraged to nod off.

Now available on IGTV, YouTube and Spotify, the snoozzzy campaign boasts dulcet-toned June the Moon—an animated host—introducing sleep-inducing segments of sounds, meditations and bedtime stories.

Stink Studios put this particular project to bed, creating more than 225 minutes of audio. The primary purpose is helping listeners doze, and the mattress brand's products are never mentioned. 

Welcome to the Casper Sleep Channel

"Social media has become an anxiety-ridden place with an overwhelming newsfeed that can trap you in endless scrolling—especially before bed, when you're trying to detach from your phone," a client rep says. "We wanted to turn social media on its head and roll out comfortable, meditative content to help people relax and drift off." 

Of course, such apps and channels are as common as feathers in a down pillow these days, but Casper took special pains to make its introduction in the space as sleep-inducing as possible. 

You'll encounter a selection of ambient soundscapes (moody, mellow, Moby-esque), punctuated by birdsong and other soothing elements of nature. In addition, you'll hear readings by podcasters Meredith Goldstein (the Boston Globe's Love Letters), Kathryn Nicolai (Nothing Much Happens; Bedtime Stories for Grown-Ups) and Nathan Thornburgh (The Trip).

Naturally, you shouldn't expect anything too … exhilarating. Thornburgh, for example, contributes a nautical weather report (delightfully dull!), while Nicolai reads the world's most boring fairy tales (superbly somnambular!)

All in all, it's whimsical work from a brand that rarely rests in the marketing realm. Casper's recent (bedroom) community-building includes a smartphone enabled nightlight, subway puzzle signs with drowsy themes, and NYC billboards mimicking ads for Broadway shows.

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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