The Promise of Brand-Funded Films, and How to Do Them Right

Marcus Peterzell's guide to a different kind of branded entertainment

If you think you know what brand-funded films are all about, you may be wrong, says Marcus Peterzell, CEO and founder of Passion Point Collective, in this next edition of the Clio Entertainment Creative Mentor Series.

In his presentation, Marcus helps us understand how brand-funded films are different from traditional branded entertainment and why he thinks this form of storytelling is here to stay. He walks us through some of the most successful brand-funded films of recent years, including a preview of one of his recent films, HP's Dear Future Me, which was recently picked up to play on the Today show. He also shares a checklist for producing a successful brand-funded film and the things to keep in mind when marketing and promoting this type of content. 

And for more from Marcus on this topic, see Muse's earlier Q&A with him.

The Clio Entertainment Creative Mentor Series is a new video learning initiative that provides a platform for entertainment marketers to share their passions with the world. Interested in becoming a mentor? Please contact Jessie Garretson.

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