Spotify Wants to Help You 'Find the One' Podcast You'll Love

Which of their 3 million is right for you?

A young woman lunches in the park. An ice-cream mascot rings an ominous bell, and the hedge-trimmer's channeling Freddy Krueger. Suddenly, sticky redness seeps from beneath her picnic basket. Popping open the lid, she peers inside and SCREAMS!

Now, this unsettling setup in the Spotify ad below could reveal something nasty, but never fear...

Find the One - Rotten Mango

Some homemade fruit preserves spilled, that's all. Themed "Find the One," the work celebrates true-crime series Rotten Mango, one of nearly 3 million podcasts available on Spotify.

Two additional spots tout offerings that follow the stars: Horoscope Today and The New York Times' Still Processing, which dishes on popular culture, celebrities and politics.

Find the One - Horoscope Today
Find the One - Still Processing

Along with the commercials from director Matt Spicer, the streamer also launched a dedicated site designed to match users with podcasts. (Of course, everyone can enjoy Tagline, Muse by Clio's exploration of the stories behind classic ads!)

Spotify nearly doubled its podcast roster in the past year as the format surged in popularity amid the pandemic. Now, the trend shows no sign of slowing, and the company seeks to solidify its standing and add subscribers.

As for that picnicker, well, she might want check out this one next.

Timed to International Podcast Day on Sept. 30, "Find the One" includes out-of-home elements, too:

Do the folks at Spotify even have time to consume podcasts these days? This campaign continues a burst of activity, following last week's bubbly push aimed at advertisers, a consumer-facing ride through '90s country music, and "A Song for Every CMO," which is exactly what it sounds like.


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