Skyn Condoms Invites You to Skip Ads … But Not Foreplay (NSFWFH)

Porn icons Stoya and Dale Cooper work up a sweat

Most young dudes learn about sex from watching porn. And that's … bad?

Of course it is. It leads guys to view sex as a mechanical, purely physical endeavor. The desire to please others and connect on a deeper level gets tossed away like a used you-know-what.

Porn stars Stoya and Dale Cooper are having none of that—though they're getting some with their respective partners—in these steamy, sensuous NSFWFH spots from Skyn and Sid Lee Paris: 

Skyn | Don't Skip Foreplay feat. Stoya
Skyn | Don't Skip Foreplay feat. Dale Cooper

"You can skip an ad, but don't skip foreplay," the stars inform us at the, um, climax of the ads, shot late last year, before the pandemic erupted.

Since young men receive much of their erotic "instruction" from porn, Sid Lee drafted X-rated icons to deliver its message, posting the :45s as pre-rolls on PornHub, of course.

"All sex education cannot be thrown on porn, but at the same time, porn could play a bigger role—instead of just focusing on penetration," Cooper says.

What's more, Skyn puts a fresh twist on condom how-to's with a leaflet of foreplay instructions, inviting folks to share their techniques using the hashtag #dontskipforeplay.

Click the image to enlarge:

Now, for some elusive reason that may take years of painstaking, scientifically rigorous sociological study to fully fathom, porn- and sex-related stuff has grown really popular in lockdown.

Trojan recently unzipped a DM contest via 72andSunny with free lube and vibrators as prizes. And with March sales for its Womanizer toys rising 263 percent, Wow Tech Group engaged The Garden for billboards popping up around Canada:


Advertising Agency: Sid Lee Paris
President: Johan Delpuech
Executive Creative Director: Sylvain Thirache
Creative Directors: Céline and Clément Mornet Landa
Art Director: Romain Lehur
Copywriter: Julien Sens
Copywriter: Kim Froissant
Head of Production: Thomas Laget
Producer: Marine Redon
Head of Social Media: Alexandre Ponte
Social Media Manager: Jeff Deconchat
Head of Strategy: Bruno Lee
Strategic Planner: Patrice Zamy
Managing Director: Mehdi Benali
Group Account Director: Héloïse Marchal
Account Managers: Trisha Mitra & Paul Pieuchot LifeStyles - SKYN

Vice President Global Marketing: Matthew Groskorth
Global Marketing Strategy Director: Marta Toth
Global Brand Marketing Manager: Nicolas Woussen

Production: Cream
Director: Sergi Castella
Producer: William Blanc
Line Producer: Boris Briche

Music Supervision: benzēne
Music: "Choose Me" by The Debonettes, courtesy of Numero Records and Kobalt Music

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