Opposites Attract! Kidfresh Partners With Adult Retailer Shag for Valentine's Day

Chicken nuggets for the kids and a feather tickler for the parents

While everyone is talking about the Soprano kids reuniting and Coinbase's multimillion-dollar homage to Pong, there's a postgame holiday looking for some love—Valentine's Day.

Kidfresh, typically known for hiding veggies in its frozen meals, wants to give parents some sexy time. Meals are quick and easy to make, which opens up extra time for spicier ways to use your time.

The company launched a cheeky Instagram campaign with sex shop Shag to give healthy meals to the kids and a #PlayTimeForParents bundle to the adults—vibrators, massage candles, a feather tickler, lube, sex dice and a sleep mask, because a quickie can also be a nap, right?

Kidfresh Valentine's Day 2022

Kidfresh followers had to tag someone in the comments of the campaign post to be entered in the contest. Three winners were selected over the weekend and will receive their boxes on Valentine's Day. The agency fable.works created the campaign.

"The campaign was rooted in insights; we know that parents with small kids lack personal time or time with their partner," Lindsay Kaden, VP of marketing and innovation at Kidfresh, tells Muse. "With Valentine's Day, we wanted to celebrate by promoting 'me-time' or 'us-time' with Kidfresh. Our meals can be made in minutes, which can ultimately give you back time to use for yourself (or each other). In collaboration with fable.works and by partnering with Shag, we created an exclusive box that's a combination of fun items to use by yourself or with your partner."

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