Opendoor Embarks on a Funny Real-Estate Odyssey

Venables Bell handles mission control

You're an astronaut. On the launch pad. Instead of making final flight checks, you pick this precise moment to scroll through real estate listings. And find the house of your dreams. That's when the massive engines ignite. You're leaving planet Earth—and that sweet property—behind.

So ... Houston, we have a problem?

Not according to digital real-estate platform Opendoor, as we learn in this space shot from Venables Bell & Partners:

When you find the right one, nothing else matters. Final frontiers be damned! (And that was a sweet joke about not opening the door. For some reason, it's always about doors with this crew.)

Next, you're a wildlife photographer. Deep in the heart of nature. Camouflaged as a ludicrously large, extremely silly swan. Instead of clicking away...

You get the idea. It's another cute commercial:

"As anyone who has ever bought or sold a home knows, the experience is like riding a rollercoaster—but not the fun kind," says agency group creative director Matt Miller. "It doesn't matter who you are or where you live; the process is woefully painful. So, we were inspired by imagining people who live much more exciting lives than we do, but find themselves faced with the same real estate headaches as the rest of us."


David Corns, VP of Marketing
Allie Cote, Senior Director, Head of Marketing Strategy
Lauren West, Head of Content, Marketing
Tirza DiOro, Marketing Lead, Content

Venables Bell & Partners
Paul Venables, Founder, Chairman 
Will McGinness, Chief Creative Officer 
Matt Keats, Group Creative Director, Copywriter
Matt Miller, Group Creative Director, Art Director
Hilary Coate, Head of Integrated Production 
Ben Evangelista, Producer 
Lexi Alaga, Producer
Justin Pitcher, Head of Brand Management
Kristin Obi, Group Brand Director
Mackenzie John, Brand Manager
Jasmine Clark, Head of Strategy
Neil Slotterback, Strategy Director 
Christine Tom, Traffic Manager 
Jeff Saunders, MCR Operations Manager 
Madeline Fox, Taproom Studio Producer

Production Company
Fiona McGee, Director           
 Mal Ward, Managing Director     
Christina Skotland, Executive Producer
Milena Milicevic, Head of Production    
Eric Sedorovitz, Line Producer  
Ross Giardina, Director of Photography
Bailey Reeves, Production Supervisor            

Cut + Run
Pete Koob, Editor
Michelle Eskin, Managing Director
Brian Stanley, Executive Producer     
Kristen Jenkins, Head of Production   
Stefan Manz, Assistant Editor
Chance St. George, Assistant Editor

John Shirley, VFX Shoot Supervisor
Hannah Wilk, VFX Shoot Supervisor
Robert Bruce, Lead Compositor      
Mikey Pehanick, Color  
Sam Howells, Color Assist
Matt Gehl, Color Assist
Ashley Goodwin, Producer
Perry Tate, Head of Production

Original Music & Sound Design
Sara Matarazzo, Managing Director
Stephanie Pigott, Senior Executive Producer
Danielle Soury, Senior Producer
Chris Nungary, Sound Designer


Mix & Sound Design
One Union
Joaby Deal, Engineer
Matthew Wood, Engineer

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