AmEx Revamps Its Green Card With the Rallying Cry 'I Got This'

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American Express' latest TV spot opens with a twentysomething woman receiving an AmEx Green Card card in the mail. Conspicuous consumption ensues, as she flashes the plastic for new outfits, travel, salon visits and dinners out—with "I got this" as her rallying cry.

OK, maybe she just fantasizes about such spending. Still, her card's liable to get a workout (and not just from covering that gym membership).

AmEx launched the minute-long commercial today as part of a multifaceted push from mcgarrybowen, timed to the launch of its revamped Green Card, which now boasts a sleeker, more modern look, and offers enhanced rewards (along with a higher annual fee of $150, up from $95). Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the card now goes by the name "Green from AmEx," we're told. 

"Travel and experiences have always been important to our card members, but we reimagined Green from AmEx to reward them for how they live life today," says Andrew Goldberg, svp of global brand planning and content at the financial services giant. "Our campaign highlights these experiences—from the everyday to the extraordinary—and shows how American Express is there to help them get more out of these moments."

Along with TV, messaging rolls out across digital, out-of-home and social channels, extending AmEx's overarching "Powerful Backing" platform and "Don't Live Life Without It" theme introduced last year. Throughout, notions of playfulness and confidence resonate, with folks using their cards to book wedding travel, pick up the check at restaurants and pay for ride-shares and taxis, among other expenditures. 

A kicky style drives these brief digital clips:

While OOH conveys a similar tone:

AmEx says "humanizing the card and benefits" is key. That mission includes teaser influencer content, with folks such as brand ambassador Michell Clark—an MTV News contributor and author—encouraging followers to tune in for upcoming announcements from AmEx.

Next week, photographer, stylist and creative director Grace Bukunmi and her friends will take over AmEx social channels, demonstrating how the card fits into their everyday lives. 

All told, the focus on average young adults and the ways they use the card feels sensible, and it never hurts to put relatable faces on the brand proposition (as opposed to, say, a centurion). Members of the demo should be able to picture themselves in these scenarios, though the poetry and star power of Lin-Manuel Miranda's AmEx foray packed more punch.

In a way, the creative approach reflects the physical redesign—nothing too radical, but relaxed and in tune with modern sensibilities. The brand began moving in this direction last year, with a subtle logo refresh by Pentagram partner Abbott Miller. Last month, AmEx unveiled the new card; it features a clean look and simplified visual elements while retaining an iconic look and feel.

Checking the sustainability box, AmEx teamed with Parley for the Oceans to produce the new cards using mainly reclaimed plastic collected from beaches, islands and coastal communities.

The elevated price-tag yields more benefits. For example, members can access a mobile assistant through the AmEx app to book flights and hotels, easily split bills with other PayPal or Venmo users, and earn triple membership rewards points when they dine out, commute or travel. 

"Green from AmEx is built for consumers who live for experiences, and are making strategic tradeoffs in their daily lives to maximize them," Goldberg says. "What might have been a luxury to their parents is something that defines how they live their everyday lives, and as a brand it's important that we reflect that."


TV Director - Randy Krallman
Photographer / Online Video + Social Video Director - Magdalena Wosinska
Agency - mcgarrybowen
Audio Branding - Man Made Music
Mixer - Mike Marinelli (Sonic Union)

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