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Casillero del Diablo, 'Pairing Two Classics, Wine and Song'

Using toe-tapper "Got My Mind Set On You"—you might recall George Harrison's '80s rendition—Chilean agency DAf combines music, fire, dance and the brand's legend to ignite intrigue and appeal.

William Barrett & Sons Funeral Directors, 'Ghost Hands'

Lateral Aspect poses the question: What would you have done differently if you'd had the chance to pre-arrange your funeral?

Turkish Airlines, 'Write Your Own Story'

Beyond Agency and football star Cafu take viewers on a captivating journey through Istanbul's legendary sites, highlighting the city's unique beauty and Turkish Airlines' premium service.

Samsung, 'Upscale for Wow'

It's just so... wow. That's the takeaway from this latest global campaign by BBH Singapore.

Telia, 'Villem to My Crib'

Optimist Creative and Get Shot Films dispel the rumors that Tanel Padar, Estonia's 2024 Sexiest Man, lives with his mother in this very special episode of Cribs.

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