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One-sentence bio

Someone who loves to capture this very ordinary world in her ordinary doodles.

Creative philosophy or approach

When things aren’t going the way they are supposed to, a good long or short nap helps put things into place. And gives you time to think and rethink your idea. It sometimes even helps you look at your work in a different perspective. A timeout is essential for creative thinking to grow.

Recent work I’m proud of

This campaign I worked on when I was a student at Miami Ad School for Jeep, “Take the Wheel.” Modern women aren’t the ones to sit and listen and be told what to do. Modern women aren’t going to stop because they aren’t supposed to. Modern women don’t follow the norms set by society for them. Modern women aren’t interested in sitting in the passenger seat anymore. It’s time they sit where they always wanted to, to do what they always wanted to, “Take the Wheel.” I love it and I am very proud of it, it’s what I believe in.

Link to campaign: https://www.riakulkarni.com/jeep

Ria Kulkarni recent work

Recent work I admired

I wish I could've got to work on the G/RLS G/RLS G/IRLS Magazine campaign, “Be a lady they said...” absolutely bone chilling and to the point. Just highlighting the reality in a way it’s supposed to be highlighted. Remarkable. Cynthia Nixon is amazing in the way she delivers the speech. Bold and amazing.

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