Ramiro Luis Gallucci

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Location • Title

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires • Analista Universitario en Comunicación Publicitaria



One-sentence bio

I’m a very creative person who likes putting goals and achieving them.

Creative philosophy or approach

I think that we live in a world where everybody copies themselves or others. That’s why I like to go through my head looking for new ideas that no one else had done before.

Recent work I’m proud of

In my college we are forced to work with brands and try to not only redesign their style and their communication pattern, but also to try to solve a social issue with a new campaign. Last year I worked for the brand Tulipán, that is linked with the sexual business, and I rally a campaign that helped the LGTB community with their clear lack of femenino condoms. This is still a very dangerous issue in our community, that’s why I thought I could help in my own way.

Link to campaign: https://www.behance.net/gallery/100792585/Tulipan-Empresa-Publicitaria-II

Ramiro Luis Gallucci recent work

Recent work I admired

I really liked the campaign that Heineken launched in response to the controversial spot of their competitor Brahma. A lot of people got really mad because of their sexist messages, they’d why Heineken in response threw a short spot that not only got the approval of the public, but it increase their sales for that period of time.

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