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Austin, Texas • Art Director


One-sentence bio

An art director, and a self-important designer, living in Austin, TX, who likes to scam people into endorsing me for wearing black pants on LinkedIn.

Creative philosophy or approach

I like to break things, I like to keep things simple, and I like to be proactive as much as possible. I love exploring ideas that live in and outside of advertising. There are ways to expand a brands business or presence outside of campaigns, and we should strive to supply those as creatives.

Recent work I’m proud of

Recently I was part of a team tasked to develop concepts that can give HBO technology-driven experiences for its programs. We wanted to expand the viewing experience and create moments that went beyond what is expected. HBO, and their programing likes push the boundaries of what is possible in their shows and the real world, so we could really open ourselves up to all sorts of cutting edge tech and didn't tie ourselves down to any traditional format.

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Recent work I admired

I really admire work that just sets out to do something wild or semi-unattainable, and I think TBWA\Media Arts Lab London did just that when they shot a journey through the Hermitage in Russia. Not only is it a great addition to Shot on iPhone showcasing the camera, it set out to show just how long the battery can last. Beautiful film.

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