Marcio Juniot

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Location • Title

Can relocate anywhere in the USA • Creative Director/ Executive Creative Director


One-sentence bio

An experienced, hard worker, curious creative director, passionated for inspiring teams to do world-class work that drives clients growth. Green Card holder.

Creative philosophy or approach

My focus is to combine all creative disciplines - concept, strategy, technology, craft, content, data, entertainment, PR - to deliver world-class integrated work. I'm always contributing to build a creative and innovative team environment, directly collaborating to ideas that stimulate growth.

Recent work I’m proud of

Dirnk Repsnosilby campaign. A campaign that impacted consumers and brought great results to AB InBev. It was even exported to other countries.

Link to campaign:

Marcio Juniot recent work

Recent work I admired

The Nike commercial "For once, don't do it." I really believe that brands should have a purpose, to show what they stand for. And Nike did it in a simple, powerful and impactful way.

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