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Cairo, Egypt • Senior Creative Copywriter


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I'm a senior creative copywriter with four years of experience working in agencies.

Creative philosophy or approach

I am a writer to the core of my being. I don’t just write because it’s my job, I write because that's who I am, I write so my words will live forever, and I consider that writing is my life battle. It’s what I love and how I make sense of the world.

Recent work I’m proud of

Ramadan arrived this year in unexpected conditions due to Covid-19 and the lockdown all over our beloved Egypt, so that's why GLC Paints took the initiative to send the spiritual and the artistic vibes of the prayers in mosques that we all missed these days through an art collage of the most famous types of Islamic art and highlighting the mosques that inspired us through our social media platforms.

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Mahmoud Abdelsalam recent work

Recent work I admired

It was a local fundraising campaign at Egypt, for one of the most popular public hospitals in Egypt which help to save life of many children here since more than 100 years; This hospital is called "Abo El Reish" which was Sheikh sufi who built this hospitals, It was a simple emotional campaign by storytelling the history of building this hospitals and how it brought the joy to many families in Egypt as per it saved millions and millions of children's lives.

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