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Los Angeles • Copywriter


One-sentence bio

Current copywriter and teacher at The Bookshop School for Ads, former classmate of Meghan Markle.

Creative philosophy or approach

Everything is copy. I try to always examine life situations for human truths that could become great advertising somewhere down the line. Like potty training, for instance. So many human truths there. Recently, I read a great New Yorker article about people who swim in the the U.K.'s lakes and ponds during winter. It suggested that immersing yourself in the cold, murky water makes people with ordinary lives feel a sense of exhilarating danger. "That's interesting," I thought to myself, and filed it away.

Recent work I’m proud of

Six of my Bookshop students just found out they are finalists in Young Ones, the student One Show competition. I was also a finalist when I was a student at Bookshop, so this was a full circle moment for me. Teaching has been the best creative director training I could ever ask for, and finding out my guidance helped them win was a bright spot during quarantine.

Link to campaign:[s]+Santa+Monica/2020/5/all

Jessica McEwan recent work

Recent work I admired

Halo Top "Ice Cream for Adults" by 72andSunny. I reference this ad to my students a lot when they are trying to figure out insights and human truths. This could have easily just been the usual low-calorie ice cream ad, but instead it's fun, relevant, and memorable. The kind of work clients would never go for, until they do.

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