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New York • Creative Director / Copywriter


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Creative lead who thinks strategically, dives into every client challenge and puts results above all else.

Creative philosophy or approach

I approach every project from the perspective of what I call the "disinterested consumer." Nobody is seeking out advertising. So you need to grab their attention and do it quickly. Get inside the mind of your target. Figure out what they're thinking. What needs they have. Then make sure your message does something to make them stop, make them think, and (hopefully) make them act.

Recent work I’m proud of

This was one of my favorite projects. It was for Comcast Business Enterprise to sell technology services to large corporations. This particularly concept was liked at first, but clients were concerned it was off brand. Eventually, the came around and saw how breakthrough the idea could be. The project ended up winning several creative awards and generating over a 10% ROI.

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Recent work I admired

I loved the "pie-eating contest" Hint water spot from the Super Bowl. While many Super Bowl ads are wacky just to grab attention, the Hint spot grabbed your attention while making the product benefit the hero. Two pie-eating contestants had their faces covered with fruit filling and were drinking Hint water. To get the essence of Hint's taste, each pie eater licked the fruit off the face of the other contestant. Gross, for sure. But did a great job of communicating why the product is great. A great product message brought to life with great creative.

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