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Los Angeles • Senior Copywriter


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My mom's tarot card reader said that 2020 is going to be my year.

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I love what we do as creatives. I mean we get paid for daydreaming! The best kind of work comes from agencies where high concept is the coin of the realm, and humanity takes precedence over dollars. What makes a great ad is soul and craft. I think these days the craft is there but the soul is dying. I will bring the soul train and a force of energy that will take your Agency to the A-list.

Recent work I’m proud of

The Taste Of Honesty Campaign for Lightlife. Lightlife wanted to let parents know that plant-based food is everywhere – but no one does it better or more honestly than Lightlife. We created a two-minute film that hilariously, and sometimes brutally, showcased the real-life ups and downs of honest parenting. It was Adweek’s ad of the day and Campaign US’s ad of the week upon launch. It got 2.5MM video views in the first week.

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Alok Mahadevia recent work

Recent work I admired

The best and one of the longest running campaigns out there right now is by an insurance brand. Geico. They consistently roll out campaigns that are conceptually driven, relevant, and hilarious. Just like you can tell a Wes Anderson or Tarantino movie without seeing the title, I can tell a Geico ad without seeing the super at the end. Because it's the only funny, insight driven stuff out there.

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