Etsy's Big Game Play: USA Thanks France for Statue of Liberty

Can't go wrong with anything cheese-related

Which brand will take home the 2024 Super Clio for the best Super Bowl commercial? We'll find out on Feb. 12.

Etsy's Super Bowl ad promotes its new "Gift Mode" option by taking us back in time to the 1880s, when France gifted America the Statue of Liberty to symbolize the alliance between the nations during the American Revolution.

What's the ideal thank you gift for France? In a room filled with silence, someone adds: "Cheese. They like cheese." An oversized charcuterie board speeds to Paris—please invite us!—and an abundance of joy ensues.

Etsy | Try Gift Mode on Etsy

"For the launch of Etsy's new Gift Mode tech, we wanted to create something special for the big game," says David Kolbusz, CCO of Orchard, the agency behind the spot. "We wrote a lot of showy scripts—some stunty, others littered with celebrities—but in the end, classic storytelling and a good joke won the day."

The brand recently tapped Drew Barrymore as the company's first chief gifting officer. (Also, Patrick Stewart warns her to "pipe down" in Paramount+'s Big Game ad. She wasn't talking about Etsy, though.)

Watch a :45 version of the Super Bowl ad below:

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