Zendaya and Roger Federer Air It Out for On Footwear

Air tennis, anyone?

Zendaya vs. Roger Federer ... it's so On.

Federer's an all-time great, with 20 ATP Grand Slam wins on his resume. Zendaya, on the other hand, honed her skills for Challengers.

As for their match in the spot below, we're talking about air tennis. They don't need no stinking ball!

Keep your eye on the brand:

On | Roger vs. Zendaya

That's a fun, cross-generational matchup with two charismatic stars (plus Darnell Appling, who also appeared in Challengers). They illustrate the brand's playful side and work to broaden its appeal.

Zendaya launched a partnership with the Swiss sportswear company last month. Federer's retired, so no more Wimbledon titles for him. (Surely, eight's enough.)

Though Rog still hits London occasionally—with Amazon footing the bill.

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