Porsche Honors Pedro Rodríguez, Mexican Racing Legend, 50 Years After His Last Race

A tribute car, plus a :60 from The Community

Pedro Rodríguez, the famed Mexican Grand Prix motor racing driver, was one of a kind. He brought many triumphs to the Porsche name, and to his own—becoming one of Latin America's most beloved drivers before his untimely death in a crash in 1971 at age 31.

To commemorate his legacy on the 50th anniversary of his death, Porsche has built a one-of-a-kind custom 911 that is modeled after the Porsche 917 that Rodríguez used to drive. As part of the campaign, ad agency The Community tells Pedro's story in a spot that combines historical footage of his racing career with cartoon animation—to engage younger audiences while honoring the legend.

"Pedro Rodríguez continues to be the Latin American driver who has given Porsche the most triumphs and joy," said George Wills, president and CEO of Porsche Latin America. "With this unique car in the world we want to pay tribute to a unique, irreplaceable driver, an idol of the past and a legend of today."

See the 60-second film here:

One of a Kind: Pedro Rodriquez | Porsche

The decision to use animation was as much a practical one as a stylistic one.

"When we looked into Pedro Rodríguez's life, we discovered many noteworthy moments. But they only existed in books and paper articles from that time, and there was little footage," says Rodrigo Gonzalez, associate idea director. "In the beginning, we viewed this as an obstacle but then realized it adds to his legend even more."

He adds: "There are fables, stories, whispers, anecdotes from bystanders who saw him; so, we started to visualize these episodes of his life and fill in the gaps with animation and cartoons. Pedro Rodríguez's legend has been passed by word of mouth for decades, and that makes his victories even more legendary."

The use of animation helped bring a modern take to a historical story.

"The animation helps to bring his legacy back to life in a contemporary way, making it more interesting and appealing for those who are not [life-long] racing fans," says Gonzalez.

"We aimed to tell his story in an unexpected and contemporary way," Ricky Vior, executive ideas director at The Community. "Pedro's story behind the wheel of his Porsche was already memorable, so it needed to be told memorably."
See the Spanish version of the spot below:

La historia conduce al futuro

Porsche Latin America
One of A Kind “Pedro Rodriguez”
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