Patrick Mahomes, Coors Light Call Time-Capsule Play

The Chill Train kept a-rollin'

Patrick Mahomes just made a new Coors Light commercial. Let's bury it in the cold, hard ground until he retires!

You can visit the brand's YouTube channel tomorrow to watch the stunt live.

It's part of a campaign that plays off the NFL's somewhat restrictive rules for its players who endorse beer and alcoholic beverages. They can, in fact, pitch such products. But they're subject to all sorts of league regulations.

That's the crux of a long-running brand platform with Mahomes. You might recall him shilling for Coors Light Bear last year. Heh.

Now, the joke is that Coors can't show PM's new spot until after he retires. Hence, the aforementioned capsule.

This meta merriment also features the Chill Train. And sends up action flicks. Plus, we get Mahomes bobbleheads—with the future Hall of Famer's face obscured.

Coors Light | Time Capsule

Mischief @ No Fixed Address developed the push.

What would they do if his beer ad efforts weren't so "restricted"? Plant No.15 atop a Rocky Mountain and make him bellow "DRINK COORS LIGHT!" for 90 seconds? 

I'd buy a couple sixes to see that. Maybe a whole case.

Anyhoo, Pixel Pat sells for $15, supporting Mahomes' charitable foundations.

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