DirecTV Lampoons Ghostbusters With Help From 4 Baseball Greats

A-Rod, Griffey, Ortiz, Johnson suit up

If there's something weird. And it don't look good. Who you gonna call? GOATbusters, that's who!

The latest installment of DirecTV's "Get Your TV Together" ad series features supernatural shenanigans with four all-time MLB greats spoofing the Ghostbusters franchise. Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Ken Griffey Jr. and Randy Johnson wield proton bats to battle a ginormous goofball baddie in this :30 from TBWA\Chiat\Day L.A. and O Positive director Jim Jenkins:

DIRECTV STREAM | Get Your TV Together | GOATbusters

Fans might recognize their foe as a murderous, 100-foot-tall version of the Cincinnati Reds mascot, Mr. Redlegs. (The team started the season 3-13. No wonder dude's bent on destruction.)

For this entry in a campaign touting the convergence of live TV (sports, special events) and on demand (movies, mostly), "we needed a property as iconic as the game of baseball itself," TBWA\C\D creative directors Mark Winters and Ryan Buckley tell Muse. "With Ghostbusters: Afterlife freshly available on the platform, we found a story world that speaks to classic cinema fans as well as new ones."

They add: "The leap from Ghostbusters to GOATbusters was surprisingly intuitive. We always push for a layer of fresh thinking that makes our mashups more than the sum of their parts, and the GOAT—Greatest of All Time—angle gave us license to feature some of the biggest icons in MLB history."

A-Rod, Griffey, Ortiz and Johnson also suit up for this informercial spoof:

DIRECTV STREAM | Get Your TV Together | Infomercial

Teams should use that Ecto-1 to bring in relief pitchers from the bullpen. In case the starter suffers a ... dead arm.

"We knew fans would get a ton of joy watching their heroes come out of retirement, if only for a moment," say Winters and Buckley. "The GOATs also speak to a time in MLB history—and perhaps our youth!—when players felt larger than life. That kind of summer afternoon game/summer evening blockbuster energy is a feeling of nostalgia we wanted to capture and share."

TBWA\C\D shot the spot over four nights at the Oakland Coliseum. "The best part about the shoot was seeing our GOATs come together like old friends after who knows how long," the creatives recall. "It was a blast watching them catch up, crack jokes, swap stories and rib each other between takes."

The real Mr. Redlegs was on hand, too, filmed against a green screen and menacingly pumped up in post.

Previous outings in the campaign starred tennis GOAT Serena Williams with wild takes on Wonder Woman '84 and The Matrix.

"We're excited by what the future holds," the CDs say. "The longer this construct stays in market, the more culture-making and self-referential we can make it. 'Get Your TV Together' is an invitation for TV lovers to get their shit together in an entertainment ecosystem that has gotten overly complicated and forgotten what it does best—entertain. There's a simple principle that underlines our approach to everything on this brand—make the advertising as entertaining as the product. It hasn't steered us wrong yet."


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