Arsenal's Bukayo Saka Stars in Latest Persil Campaign

Don't wash that autographed jersey!

Sometimes the hero plays the villain. Luckily for stain-fighting Persil, this story has a happy ending.

"Autograph," a 3-minute video from LOLA Mullenlowe, stars Bukayo Saka of Arsenal and his biggest fan, a schoolgirl who's jersey he autographed. Naturally, she lives in it, and the one time she takes it off, her dad throws it in the wash.

The beloved autograph vanishes—thanks a lot, Persil! Our young fan creates a "Find Saka" board so she can score another John Hancock.

As a cover of "Dreams" by the Cranberries plays, she travels throughout the city, always just missing Saka. But she finally gets that autograph and we're confident dad will never be allowed near the jersey again.

Directed by Vellas, the work is part of Persil's "Dirt Is Good" platform.

A guerrilla campaign launched in North London that included seven posters with real Saka signatures. ("7" is his team number).

The lucky seven who found the posters also received signed Saka shirts. Just don't wash them with Persil!

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