Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and a Godzilla-Sized J Balvin Star for Verizon

Hypes carrier's deals for the iPhone 15 Pro

Celebrities. iPhones falling from the sky. It's just like in my fanboy fever dreams!

SmartLess stars Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes tout Verizon's deals for the iPhone 15 Pro in an initiative that also and features Reggaeton star J Balvin in separate ads.

First, Jason and Sean display funny form at a kid's birthday party. As a present, they deliver silly brand-boosting schtick, of course.

Verizon | Wishes

Next, Balvin grows to gigantic proportions and handsets float down from the clouds as part of an AR game called "Catch My iPhone." You can dig his latest single, "Dainties" (with Usher and DJ Khaled), on the soundtrack.

Verizon | Catch My iPhone

Here's a behind-the-scenes clip:

Verizon | Catch My iPhone BTS

Finally, though Balvin doesn't scale the heights in the Spanish-language ad below, he does change his hair color. Good for him!

Verizon | El Nuevo iPhone

All components boast canny ties to pop culture. Bateman and Hayes' chemistry cooks, as usual. It's an effective quickie that doesn't overstay its welcome or get OTT foolish.

Meanwhile, Balvin exudes considerable charm at his normal size, while Jodzilla politely refrains from chewing the scenery—literally—in the AR scenario.

Ogilvy developed the Bateman/Hayes spot. R/GA and The Community worked with Balvin on his tall tale and new do, respectively.

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