Unwrap the Magic: A Holiday Gift Guide for Creatives

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As the festive season approaches, it's time to celebrate the boundless imagination and artistic spirit that reside within the hearts of the creatives in our lives. Whether they're graphic designers, writers, producers, musicians or innovators pushing the boundaries of their craft, finding the perfect holiday gift to inspire and ignite their vision can be a joyful challenge.

Here, we embark on a journey through a curated selection of items designed to kindle the flames of inspiration and bring a touch of enchantment to the creative process. 

Quirky & Fun  

Unleash a tornado of creativity with these playful picks, turning every day into a canvas of joy!

  • Breath new life into the creative process with the Pocket Art Director II from Pretend Store, a 20-sided die designed to help them break through design roadblocks—$17.00
  • Let their shady side shine through with the Judgy Fish Sticker Book from Brass Monkey, which will let them add a humorous side-eye to everything (including questionable client briefs)—$8.00
  • Bring the analog and digital side of their brain together with the Rocketbook Fusion—an erasable smart notebook that gives them the tactile pleasure of traditional pen and paper coupled with the modern convenience of a endless reusable digital device—$37.99
  • Sharpen their ability to land an argument winning point—a handy skill in any pitch—with the laugh-inducing Debatable Game Set from Brass Monkey—$15.00
  • Keep their drinks looking as chic as they do with a bottle and can fashion koozie from Puffin Drinkware - starting at $19.95
  • Add a splash of artistic flair to their notes with the Andy Warhol Philosophy Mechanical Pencil and Andy Warhol Shaped Notecard Set from Galison—$15.99/$23.99

Fuel The Muse

Because every stroke of genius needs a caffeine kickstart. This holiday season, gift the creative minds in your life the elixir of inspiration—a curated collection of caffeinated concoctions that turn "I can't" into "I canvas."

  • Take their tea time up a level with the Advent Calendar Gift Set from Vahdam India, which includes 24 variants of tea (120 bags total) tucked behind tiny drawers for a daily holiday surprise—$89.99
  • Energized their hydration routine with a Mixed Pack of sparkling waters from HeyWell, packing 75mg of caffeine and tasty flavors like Energy + immunity sparkling grapefruit, Energy + focus sparkling strawberry lemon, and Calm + hydrate sparkling lime to ensure keep them refreshed and revitalized during the festive hustle—$45.00
  • Surprise them with top-quality whole beans imported from Africa, Central and South America from Methodical Coffee to provide a truly global coffee experience for the discerning palate - variety of flavors, 12 oz bags start at $16.30.

Fan Their Flavor 

Spice up their imagination with decadent treats guaranteed to sweeten their inspiration, because the best ideas are always seasoned just right!

  • Unleash their inner culinary Jedi with the Star Wars Star Wars Galaxy Bundle from Hedley & Bennett, which includes an essential apron displaying the most iconic starships in the Star Wars galaxy and three hyperdrive patterned chefs towels—$160
  • Splurge on a novel treat with this 4 Assorted Dark Chocolate Bars—Library Box from Vine to Bar which includes a dark chocolate bar, almonds with pink Himalayan salt bar, chardonnay smoked salt and a tart cherry and cocoa nibs bar—$34.50
  • Take their grilling artistry up a notch with the BBQ Sauce/Seasoning Trio from Big Rah BBQ, which combines the best elements of St. Louis-style, Kansas City-style and Texas style barbecue in its sauces and seasonings—$27.50
  • Banish bland from their taste buds with the Bees Knees Honey Gift Set from Bushwick Kitchen, which includes Brooklyn's Finest Spicy, Meyer Lemon and Salted Honey flavors packaged with a branded dish towel—$54.99.

Sip, Create, Repeat

Elevate their artistic inspiration with our cheers-worthy picks. From spirited libations to a mocktail masterpiece, make sure they are ready to toast every creative endeavor!

  • Upgrade their Manhattans, Old Fashions and Highballs with Lodestar Whiskey, the flavorful L.A. brand that was co-founded by entertainment industry veterans Anna Axster & Wendelin von Schroder—$45.00
  • Get their creative juices flowing sans alcohol with the TOST 6-pack combo featuring two varieties of tasty, non-alcoholic sparkling beverages—$54.00
  • Catapult tequila enthusiasts into a whole new realm with this additive-free, 42 percent alcohol by volume Tequila Blanco from Valor, a woman owned company produced in Mexico—$119.99

Creative Nesting

Gift-giving gets a serious style upgrade with our pop-inspired home and decor picks. 

  • Make their walls rock as much as their tunes with a 12" vinyl album frame from Rock On Wall which can be easily swapped out whenever the mood strike— $29.50
  • Gift them a glam reminder that great ideas transcend time with an everlasting 24K Gold Dipped Rose from I Hate Steven Singer, starting at $59.95
  • Take them back to a simpler time with the heavenly scented '90s/'00s inspired R&B Mixtape Luxury Candles Set from Wick and Glow Candle Company—$46.00
  • Untether their brilliance with the Graypants Wick Portable LED Table Lamp, a wireless and rechargeable touch light crafted in an antique style—$149.00.

Revitalize the Soul 

Dive into a world of vibrant self-care with our colorful as life itself picks!

  • Help them clear clutter from their mind with the pleasingly fragrant Medicine Cabinet Variety Pack Gift Box of aromatherapy shower steamers from The Herbal Zen—$35.99
  • Keep their body in balance with the stylish Starter Set Microdrink Glass from WaterDrop which includes 18 sugar-free, flavor packing hydration cubes—$53.90
  • Ignite their imagination with Life Whimsy, a new book release from entrepreneur Wendy Conklin which aims to spark creativity in life and work through adult play—$45.99.  

Stylish Slayers

Let their fashion tell a story as unique as they are with these fab picks!

  • Help them step up and stand with the Black Suede Ballet Pump Starter Kit from Alterre which converts into three distinct shoe styles—$345.00
  • Turn their winter walks into creative adventures with the Vinda Lightweight Insulator from Terracea, an eco-jacket designed to maintain warmth without weighting its wearer down—$249.99.

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