Christopher Oroza Nostas on Filmmaking That Uncovers What Makes Us Human

Crafting through empathy and anthropology

Christopher Oroza Nostas is an award-winning, non-binary, queer, LatinX writer, director and producer. As the son of Bolivian immigrants from two indigenous lineages—Quechua in the Amazon and Aymara in the Andes—he makes work forged by his multicultural heritage and motivated by the primal forces that shape modern society.

Christopher creates through many lenses, but the one that is consistently highlighted in each piece of work is empathy. He has the ability to deconstruct the original rule book, and find each project's unique identity. He is not showcasing others' differences; he is fine-tuning variations of life experiences so well that you have no choice but to be captured by their commanding existence.

In our latest episode of Long Story Short, Christopher talks to us about de-gendering fashion, the fundamentals of what makes us human, and building a society of mortal superheroes.

For more about Christopher, and the work he discusses in the video, visit these links: 

"Long Story Short" is a new Muse video series produced with FREE THE WORK, a nonprofit initiative and talent discovery platform for underrepresented creators. Head to to search for more talented creators to work with. For more about Christopher Oroza Nostas, visit his Free The Work page.

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