LG Beta Testing AI in ACs to Help Women Manage Hot Flashes

Relief when menopause symptoms run hot

It's refreshing to see normalized conversations surrounding menopause and efforts designed to minimize symptoms that millions of women endure on the regular.

AlmapBBDO and LG Brazil are beta testing "Menopause Mode," which combines artificial intelligence and air conditioning to help regulate a woman's body temp when she's experiencing a hot flash. In Brazil, approximately 29 million women are in menopause.

A :90 explainer video illustrates how hot flashes and night sweats disrupt sleep. It shows the current options women use to combat them: fans, cold showers and ice cubes.

The work posits the advantages of a smartwatch app, which monitors body temperature, heart rate, and blood oxygen level in real time. Using such data, it can identify a hot flash and command LG's Dual Inverter +AI to lower the room's temperature for 10 minutes.

LG | Menopause Mode

"It's not just an app that improves women's well-being," says Lilian Cavallini, head of creative technology at AlmapBBDO. "Menopause Mode is taking the smart home to the next level. For the first time, it'll react to the body's vital signs."

Along with the video, Brazilian celebrities Adriane Galisteu and Carol Loback are sharing their experiences during menopause to help connect women who are dealing with similar issues.

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